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Welcome to the world of TIM BRITTON handmade knives, and thanks for stopping by for a visit. I have been making knives very seriously since 1971. My work has been featured in all major cutlery publications and is displayed at 8-10 shows per year. BRITTON knives are in use throughout the world...most notably as part of the issue to the palace guard detachment in Ivory Coast, Africa.

New from Tim Britton:
"Jade Handle Pronghorn"

lockback, bg42 blade,24K gold inlay


NEWS from Tim Britton’s shop !!

I will be moving away from so called TACTICAL designs as of January 1, 2016. My remaining few tactical folders: Tango, Tango 2, Both T-10 models, including the Mongoose have been sold to www.knifecenter.com Nick or Howard can help you if you are looking for my tactical folders. Their prices are quite reasonable and they have been around for decades.

The only tactical folder from my shop will be my “new” RECONDO with flipper. Knife Center has a fair stock of this model too. Check them out….they also have a good selection of my traditional models, with a few prototypes, like an exhibition grade pearl handled LOCKBACK swayback jack. I know of no maker or company making this knife as a lockback…YET !

Many thanks for your support and continued interest in my work. See you at NY/NJ show in Feb/March or BLADE in Atlanta in 2016.


Greetings !!
There have been some fairly awesome changes in the US custom knife market and I choose to focus my energies on both traditional style slip joint folders and my latest series of tactical designs. I will no longer be making any fixed blade knives other than my trademark skean-du.
My favorite steels continue to be s35vn and BG-42. My small stock of bg42 is running out and I may have found a good substitute….more on this later.
Don’t look for ugly stuff that is poorly finished or knives that look like they were designed by the Ironman. If you see something that you like, order it or pick up one from various dealers. I will always have knives for sale at shows and will refrain from raffles or drawings. It will simply be a rule of first come first serve.
Until further notice, I will not be offering elephant or mammoth ivory as an option. Many states and the feds are considering legislation that would forbid its use or sale, no matter when it was made or where. The sale of anything made with turtle shell has long been forbidden.
Many of us have been troubled by the problem of Chinese rip-offs. I fought this and gave it my best shot only to hear that the only viable alternative would be for me to hire a Chinese attorney and to file suit in a Chinese court of law. Copyrights and patents are of value only if you are willing to spend a lot of money defending them. I have talked at length with ICE and with two US Senators with minimal results. I will continue to focus on what I do best, fishing and making knives.
Thank you for your interest and for your continued support.
Best Regards, Tim Britton

I have virtually all of the "supersteels" in my shop and access to others for your special needs. All handle materials, from lapis lazuli to Fiji fire pearl to the most common canvas micarta is handpicked by me from suppliers at shows or in their shops. You are assured of the finest steel, hand-picked premium handle materials and my unconditional money back guarantee in the event that you are not completely satisfied with your BRITTON knife. My steel preference is still bg42 but I am unable to locate a dependable source of bar stock in the right sizes. I am seriously evaluating S35VN as an alternative. So far I am VERY impressed.....looks as if this will become my primary steel.

Please feel free to contact me at any time to discuss your personal needs in custom cutlery. Go to the order information page for contact information.

Please take the time to check out the first knife in my Master Series of ten collaborations with internationally famous master craftsmen.


Tim Britton Handmade Knives will pre-pay the shipping on all orders for/from Military, Police, Fireman, and active members of the Boy Scouts.

Please note that all material on this website is copyright protected, including knife designs and names.


BLADE Show, Atlanta, GA
June 1-4

East Coast, Jersey City, NJ
November 17-19